Friday, November 11, 2011

Craft's for a Halloween/Fall basket!

Michael's work was doing a fundraiser with United Way , They auctioned off baskets with a Fall or Halloween theme and the basket that raised the most money was able to get money for there floor! Michael works in the Telemetry unit and...they won First place! Michael had an awesome vision for the basket we created and we had a lot of fun! Congrats Tele unit and Michael it was great!


  1. Wow! So THIS is the crafting on which you've been working that I asked about in a previous post. You're quite talented! Those were SO cute! The winner of that basket was quite lucky.

    There's not much better than doing something creative for a good cause!

  2. Erin> Yes that was the majority of them! Thanks I had fun. The winner actually donated it to a youth program that was overjoyed with it, especially because they didn't have any decorations for fall or Halloween at all.