Thursday, May 3, 2012

Emmalyn Rose 3D and a surprise gift!

We were lucky to have been  able to see our sweet little girl in 3D today! She was moving around so much I had to lay in different positions just to get a look at her! She was head down and 3 1/2 lbs :) I also found out that I don't have gestational diabetes (Thank goodness) And Emmalyn is still measuring 3 weeks ahead! We are having such a wonderful day!!!

 She sure loved having her hands on her face!
 Feet, hands, and face (She folded herself up like a holding chair)
 I like that you can see her toe on the left side :)
 She was also swallowing a lot! We sure loved watching her wiggle.

 Our surprise from the Melin's and Grandma Lyn (Emmalyn's Great grandmother!)

 We love the saying on this pillow! Thanks Jamie!!!
 From Great Grandma! I should have taken a picture of the inside of this card, I love her penmanship!
 So comfy!
 I love the detail Grandma's make!
 Everything together
 We sure feel loved :)
 Sorry these are photos of photos so there not as good as the ones of facebook
 Michael makes this same face!

Her sweet smile! I think I see a dimple on her cheek! She sure looks like her Daddy here with my chin and chubby cheeks :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time and All Eternity- Nauvoo, IL

Michael and I were so very blessed to be sealed in the Nauvoo temple on April 30, 2012 our 1 year Anniversary! It was truly the best way to celebrate! We had the pleasure of having Brother and Sister Franklin, from Houston, TX be our guides and helpers as we went through the temple! Thanks again so much! And for Bro. Franklin thanks for being one of our witnesses and Sis. Franklin thanks for sitting in for my Mom and handing me tissues! It was a remarkable day and one we will hold near and dear forever!

 My yellow shoes!
 Michael snuck a photo coming back.
 Thanks again Bro. Franklin for taking some pictures of us!

 So Handsome!

 These are the cute couple who after doing a session came and took several more pictures of us! They were on there way to Washington DC to sell. Good Luck!
 Michael is too funny!
 The Sarah Granger Kimball home
 The sweet sisters thought I should have one of their lovely flowers! So Sweet!

 And there they are! From the North and the South...Carolina's

 Over looking the Mississippi River after dinner!
It was truly a beautiful day! And just like a year ago it rained in the morning but then cleared out and left it nice and breezy the rest of the day!