Thursday, May 3, 2012

Emmalyn Rose 3D and a surprise gift!

We were lucky to have been  able to see our sweet little girl in 3D today! She was moving around so much I had to lay in different positions just to get a look at her! She was head down and 3 1/2 lbs :) I also found out that I don't have gestational diabetes (Thank goodness) And Emmalyn is still measuring 3 weeks ahead! We are having such a wonderful day!!!

 She sure loved having her hands on her face!
 Feet, hands, and face (She folded herself up like a holding chair)
 I like that you can see her toe on the left side :)
 She was also swallowing a lot! We sure loved watching her wiggle.

 Our surprise from the Melin's and Grandma Lyn (Emmalyn's Great grandmother!)

 We love the saying on this pillow! Thanks Jamie!!!
 From Great Grandma! I should have taken a picture of the inside of this card, I love her penmanship!
 So comfy!
 I love the detail Grandma's make!
 Everything together
 We sure feel loved :)
 Sorry these are photos of photos so there not as good as the ones of facebook
 Michael makes this same face!

Her sweet smile! I think I see a dimple on her cheek! She sure looks like her Daddy here with my chin and chubby cheeks :)

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