Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Forgotten Carols = A new family!

I love The Forgotten Carols! And I would like to share a story with you. As soon as it was out my mom implemented this beloved story and music every Christmas and as a special bonus for my Birthday we were able to go see it as a family! For several recurring years in fact!!!(Although it wasn’t until I was older, that I realized it wasn’t really for me at all! –still love you though mom!) Living outside out Utah for over 10 years was so sad to miss it, but when we returned the tradition continued! As I love Christmas and all of its music I was more than ecstatic to share this music with everyone, my best friend Michael of course was no different! And as a new fan the last few years, He made plans to fly in to Utah the 13th of December and took me to a special birthday dinner and the show that night…although he had been living in Texas and only since the end of October we thought it would be just the same friendly fun as it has been the 9 years we have been friends! However, This was different…just excited to see each other, we guessed through dinner….But then we saw the show, Amazing as always…then the song. As instructed we held hands, as he was at the end of the row and there was no one next to me the row of holding hand was limited to  just us, as we sang  We Can Be Together Forever Someday…. We had no clue this was the change, this moment! The next few weeks we talked about things that were NEVER talked about before…as we were best friends and nothing more…Then during one such discussion in the evening of Christmas day the spirit bore witness that we were to take that very special journey…And we listened …engaged just two weeks after singing and holding hands…as we are ones to take our time we set a nice date in September later this year…But just as quickly plans change. And April 30, 2011 we were married! Sunday after we were on our way up to Ogden canyon to spend time together as newlyweds, holding hands and listening to the local church station we were amazed as hymn after hymn and song after song played were our favorites some we had not heard in ages! Then as we were nearing the canyon close to the end of good reception a familiar tune came on…We Can Be Together Forever Someday, sung by Michael McLean…that triggered the recollection …My husband Michael held up our interlocked hands and said, :”This…this was it the change needed in our relationship, this is where it changed! We should write Michael McLean a big thank you!!!” If this is what the writing and revamping with your wonderful families involvement led to with this play, another family created, I am eternally grateful! Michael McLean and Family, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work! Sincerely, The Drews Family !!!