Sunday, January 29, 2012

The weekend.

After having a couple terrible weeks with the car situation and then some unpleasantness Michael and I decided to get away for the weekend and just spend sometime together. It was only downtown St. Louis but it was so rejuvinating and so very much needed. We both were amazed at how much fun we have just being together and spending time doing nothing really at all! He is now working on his midterm for Anatomy and Physiology and then has another busy week ahead of him. I have had my hours changed at work to part time because i've been so sick with the pregnancy. Though it been slightly better as of late so they upped me to 30 hours till i'm more improved. We have an OB appointment on wed to hear the heartbeat so we are both very excited for that!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Michael and Amber
April 30, 2012
Sealed for Time and Eternity
Nauvoo Temple, IL

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The announcement!

Michael and I are so excited that we are expecting our baby! We are 12 weeks today, so we won't know for a few more weeks what we are having. We do know that we are due July 29, 2012 and are anticipating the arrival!
                                                 Which one?

What a Surprise party!

Michael worked tirelessly to make this surprise happen!  It's no wonder he got away with all that he did I have pregnant brain :0) Thank you Michael you made my Birthday a very special one!!!

Amber's birthday!

Michael was up early making this wonderful breakfast for my birthday! It took all I had to smile and gulp some down. For lunch he brought me bean burrito's from taco bell as that was the only thing I could keep down! And some beautiful flowers! They are our favorite because it has his and my favorite colors! I loved that he added single lillies to it! So creative :)

It's Christmas!

The second "work" project! This was to raffle off for a family in need.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was my first "work" assignment :) Disguise the Turkey!

We love us some German Pancakes!!!

More Aryelle!

We're pregnant!

Phew!!! That was a long 12 weeks since we knew day 1!!!


Uncle Michael has such fun with that baby girl!

Just a craft for a special friends birthday!

Isn't Michael handsome? Yum I could eat him up!...Anyway, I hope you liked your gift Bonnie!


Wow, its been so long since I updated that they changed everything! Well, I will try to be better! And Just for you Erin and others who wish it I will TRY to update at least once a week! Okay so following is what you missed since November!