Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big changes for the Drews'

We are all settled into our home :) It has been wonderful having a place of our own! And we are thrilled to be getting ready for the holiday season!


Michael: He has been working for SSM St. Joseph in St. Charles. It has been a huge blessing for us. They are very supportive and encouraging. They really helped him with starting school. Michael was accepted to Chamberlain College of Nursing!!! In three short years we will earn his BS in Nursing. He is heading into his Fourth week Sunday and has been doing great! 

SSM hospital in St. Charles

Chamberlain College of Nursing In St. Louis, MO

Amber: Has been working on crafts, sewing projects, and many other things. On the 3rd of Nov I spent a relaxing day at the St. Louis Temple it was truly beautiful! I also received a calling in the nursery! Michael  and I are taking a Marriage and Family class that just started for Sunday school, we really are enjoying that...that also means that I only help in Nursery the last hour. They were great though, I enjoyed getting on the floor and playing babies and Mr. Potato head. 

This weekend we also went and took some fall family pictures...coming soon! That was a fantastic day, it was warm and the colors were at there peak on the drive. We also did a bit of garage sales and ended up with some great deals on things we were defiantly needing. 

It feels a lot like winter is on the way (I'm about to turn on the heater so that's saying a  lot!) And my hot chocolate buddy and I downed some delicious hot cocoa yesterday during his math quiz (which he did great on! its truly amazing how his mind works!).

I will come back and update some things that have happened while we weren't blogging so be prepared!

Love to all,

Michael & Amber 


  1. That's awesome about Michael's schooling! How long has he wanted to be a nurse?

    On what kinds of crafts have you been working?

  2. Yeah it was! I believe since after his mission. You already saw most of the projects :)